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Commodore Jeff Zahner and First Lady Tammy

      Hello, Welcome to the Riverside Yacht Club, located on the property of

Weaver's Marine in Essex Maryland.
     We are a small club that enjoys having fun.  During the boating season,

several cruises are planned by our Fleet Captain. We visit different Marinas and

Yacht Clubs on the Chesapeake Bay.
     Our cruises are very informal; no uniforms or other ceremonial affairs, just

boating with friends.  We visit local towns, grill out, have “pitch-in” breakfasts,

enjoy the pool, and go out to nearby restaurants. Some activities are scheduled,

but you are always free to plan your own days.

     You also don’t need a “yacht” to join. Current members’ boats range from

22 to 58 feet.
     Whether you’re new to boating or not, belonging to a yacht club has many

benefits. It’s both fun and safer to travel with other boats.